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To activate FuboTV on Roku, follow these steps to ensure a smooth setup process. This guide is based on general practices for activating streaming services on Roku devices:

Install FuboTV on Roku

Step 1: Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Step 2: Navigate to the Roku Channel Store by selecting “Streaming Channels”.

Step 3: Search for “FuboTV” using the search feature.

Step 4: Select “Add Channel” to install the FuboTV app on your Roku device. If prompted, enter your Roku account PIN.

Activate FuboTV on Roku

Step 1: Open the FuboTV app on your Roku device.

Step 2: You will see an activation code on your screen. Note this code down as you will need it for the activation process.

Step 3: On a separate device (computer or mobile), go to the FuboTV activation page. This is usually found at fubo.tv/roku-connect but check the on-screen instructions to be sure.

Step 4: Enter the activation code displayed on your Roku screen and proceed with the instructions.

Step 5: If required, log in to your FuboTV account or sign up if you do not have an account.

Complete the Activation

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process. This might include selecting your subscription package if you’re a new user.
  • Once the activation is successful, your Roku device will automatically update, and you will have access to FuboTV content.
  • After activation, navigate through the FuboTV app on your Roku device to find live TV channels, on-demand movies, and series that FuboTV offers.
  • You can start streaming your favorite sports, news, movies, and TV shows available through FuboTV.


  • Ensure your Roku device is connected to the internet during the activation process.
  • Keep your Roku remote handy for navigating through the setup and activation steps.
  • If you encounter any issues during the activation process, restarting your Roku device and repeating the steps can often resolve common problems.

By following these steps, you should be able to activate FuboTV on your Roku device and start enjoying a wide range of content available through the service.

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